Vaccination is a very important part of your pets health care. At Alma Veterinary Hospital we routinely vaccinate cats, dogs and rabbits against several potentially fatal diseases. The table below shows which diseases the routine vaccinations cover and how frequently your pet should have a vaccination once their primary course is complete. Your pet is at high risk of contracting one of the diseases if they are not covered.

Species Diseases Frequency for booster
Cats Feline herpes virus, Feline calicivirus, Feline panleucopenia virus and Feline leukaemia virus Annually
Dogs Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza, and Leptospirosis Annually for Leptospirosis.
All other diseases should be
Rabbits Myxomatosis and Viral Myxomatosis 6-12 months
VHD annually

For cats and dogs a primary vaccination course must be administered before annual boosters can be given.The ages at which this should be done are:

Cats: The primary course can be started at 9 weeks of age and consists of two sets of injections 3-4 weeks apart.

Dogs: The primary course can be started at 10 weeks of age and consists of 2 sets of injections 4 weeks apart. 

Rabbits: can have their first dose of myxomatosis vaccine from 6 weeks old and the first dose of VHD vaccine between 2-5 months old. These vaccines cannot be given together. An interval of 2 weeks should be left between the vaccines.

We offer free puppy and kitten clinics with one of our nurses for each new puppy or kitten that comes to the hospital. This includes a free kitten or puppy pack.

We also offer:

Kennel cough vaccination for dogs which is highly recommended. This can be given from 3 weeks of age and should be boosted annually. Boarding kennels will not usually accept dogs which have not had this vaccination.

Rabies vaccination for clients wishing to register their pets with the Pets travel scheme. Please see our Pets travel scheme information page.

We also give each pet an annual health check included in the price of the vaccination.

For more information regarding vaccination for your pet or to book an appointment please call the hospital on 01753 858893.