Here at Alma Veterinary Hospital we host regular puppy parties which are run by Natalie our Head Nurse and Heather our Part-time Receptionist. We aim to invite all new puppies registered at the practice to one of our Parties as we believe they are an important part of your puppies socialisation. The main aims of our puppy parties are to-

  • Socialise your puppy with our Veterinary Hospital so your puppy enjoys a positive experience at the vets!
  • Introduce your puppy to a couple of adult dogs.
  • Socialise your puppy with different people.
  • Give the opportunity for your puppy to enjoy play time with other puppies of a similar size and age.
  • Educate puppy owners on the importance of socialisation and demonstrate exercises to help with this.
  • Offer general advise regarding your new puppies healthcare, diet and training.
  • Demonstrate dental care and give advise to you to help prevent your pet needing dental treatment.
  • Demonstrate examination of a dog followed by ‘pass the puppy’ to give everyone the opportunity to examine each puppy. This is an important exercise of socialisation to help reduce the worry for the puppy of being examined by a stranger e.g. a vet.

When you bring you puppy along to one of our parties you will receive a party bag, including-

  • A free flea treatment.
  • A voucher entitling you to one free worming treatment.
  • A voucher offering you £5 off microchipping.
  • A voucher offering you £10 off neutering.
  • A free finger toothbrush.
  • A free sample of toothpaste.
  • Other free goodies.
  • Lots of important information.

There is no charge for attending one of our puppy parties, however we do only have limited spaces for each party so please ensure you confirm your place once you have received an invite as early as possible.


For more information about our puppy parties or to confirm your place at our party please call the surgery on 01753 858893.