Here at Alma Veterinary Hospital we strongly recommend having insurance for pets.

Pet insurance can remove the worry of any vet bills for unexpected injury and illness and will be of great help should your pet be unlucky enough to develop a chronic condition.

There are many companies now offering pet insurance so it is important to search carefully when choosing a policy. We recommend you look at insurance policies which provide cover for life long conditions and that will renew the benefit for each condition annually.

We advise our clients to avoid cheap 12 month policies as these will exclude conditions after that period and also to avoid maximum benefit policies. These policies will provide a certain amount of cover per condition but once this has been used up it will not be renewed.

We recommend that you purchase pet insurance as soon as you acquire your pet. Insurance companies will exclude any pre-existing conditions your pet may have before taking out an insurance policy, so it is important to make this a priority.

If your pet is already insured and is unlucky enough to have a life long illness or condition, such as; Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart or Kidney disease, skin/ear problems, Colitis etc. it is extremely unadvisable to change your insurance company as any new policy will exclude any pre-existing conditions. It is therefore important to choose carefully from the outset.

If you find an insurance policy that seems to good to be true, it probably is.......

Please contact the surgery for more recommendations or advice. 01753 858893.