Fleas and Worms

At Alma Veterinary Hospital we recommend that flea and worm treatments are administered regularly to your pet to prevent infestations occurring. Flea and Worm infestations can have a very negative impact on you and your pets home environment and also on you and your pets health.

Flea infestations in the home can be very difficult to eliminate and quite often this will take a long period of time to get on top of. Your pet can pick up fleas from the environment and from other animals. Fleas can cause health problems to both you and your pet such as skin rashes and irritation caused by the flea bites and saliva. Fleas are also a host in the tapeworm lifecycle so regular flea treatment can also help prevent infestation from these specific worms.

Worm infestations cause health problems such as poor skin and coat, increased appetite, weight loss, coughing and bloated abdomen.There are also serious human health risks associated with some worms that can lead to blindness in children. As well as regular worm treatment for dogs, cats and rabbits it is also very important if you are a dog owner to clear up your dogs faeces immediately. There are several different types of worm so it is important to use a broad spectrum wormer. It is very important to begin the flea and worm treatment regime as early as possible. If you are getting a new puppy or kitten, try to find out from the breeder which treatments have already been given.

It is important that treatments are administered regularly throughout your pets lifetime. We have a range of products available for our clients to help prevent these infestations. We are able to supply these for pets who have had their annual health checks with a Veterinary Surgeon. For pets new to the practice or for pets not seen annually we can provide a free flea and worm check with a Vet. We also provide free nurse clinics for our registered clients and their pets to discuss different treatment options.

Many products available from pet shops and supermarkets have limited efficacy as these outlets are not licensed to sell veterinary prescription only medications.

Please contact the surgery on 01753 858893 for more information or to book an appointment to discuss this further with one of our Vets or Nurses.